Saturday, August 23, 2008

I promise. I didn't do it...

Catherine has a reputation for pulling out tubes. When she was done with the OG tube (the one in her mouth) she pulled it out. Today her J tube fell out. The J-tube went into the G-tube and ended in her small intestine. She will tell you that she did not pull it out (and she didn't) but I can't help but think that she had something to do with it :-) I think maybe she's trying to tell us that she doesn't need it anymore. Anyway we could use some prayers tonight. They decided to put her feedings through the G tube and see what happens. This means that she is being fed directly into her stomach. The doctors are hopeful because her last upper GI showed great improvement in the area where her surgery was as it doesn't look boggy anymore. She may be able to absorb the nutrients better if her feeds are going into her stomach. Please pray that she tolerates being fed this way. Thank you! We continue to pray for all of you.

Catherine's Mom

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