Friday, August 01, 2008

Wild Raspberry Wheat Ale

This, my latest creation, has turned out far better than I expected. I put together an American Wheat Beer and then decided to add a little twist to it.

Early on a Saturday morning while the clan was still sleeping and the dew was still heavy I ventured out, bucket in hand, to capture as many of the black raspberries that grow wild on the property as I could. I ended up picking about 3-4 pounds of the sweet black beauties which I promptly cleaned and froze. When the wheat beer was just about finished fermenting I siphoned it into another glass carboy that I had put the berries in. I allowed the berries and beer to blend for a couple days and than siphoned the beer back into a clean carboy to clear.

During the final siphoning I tasted the nectar and wow was it good even flat without any carbonation. Below are pictures of the beer being moved to the bottling bucket and then bottled.

N.B. This is a clear bottle!

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