Monday, September 08, 2008

To the Hospital and back again

Catherine enjoyed the weekend away from her other home (Nationwide Children's Hospital) but just couldn't resist going back for a look.

Sunday night her loving parents changed the dressing around her g-tube because the dressing was coming loose and looking pretty worn. After changing it we thought the tube looked like it had come out a bit but there was no fluid etc.

Well, it did work it's way out through the day Monday. A visiting nurse said we needed to go to the ER to have it looked at or replaced.

Catherine was really fussy the whole way there - she knew where we were taking her! And by the time we got to see the doctor the tube had come all the way out.

After consulting with surgery they placed another tube and all is well now. Catherine is back home sleeping, so is mom, and dad is on his way as soon as he hits "publish post." Thanks for all of your prayers and support!

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scmom (Barbara) said...

Well, that was great that she came right back home!

Mother's Day Weekend.