Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Catherine Update

Catherine is doing great! I'm sorry I don't update more often, but as you can imagine, I am pretty busy, except at 11 at night like right now. She was weighed on Tuesday and is now 9 lbs. 15 oz! She is continuing to gain steadily even with the extra breastfeeding each day. The doctor was pleased with her growth and thought if she continues this trend she might actually make it ONTO the growth chart by 10 months or so. Right now she is almost 6 months.

Catherine saw an ENT (ear nose and throat doctor) on Monday to diagnose what is causing her mild hearing loss. Even after the doctor removed some wax build up in her ears, she still had the hearing loss. So the doctor wants to put her under general anesthesia to really clean out her ears and get a good look at her ear drums to determine if there is fluid behind her ear drums. It was very uncomfortable for Catherine while the doctor was trying to look in her ears. Her ear canals are so small it's difficult to see them. So if she finds fluid during this procedure, she would remove it and then put tubes in, and then they would do another hearing test to see if that helps her hearing. Catherine's hearing loss is unnoticed by us. We can tell that she hears us. Hearing is very important for speech development and it is important that she hear the best she can so that her development is not adversely affected. So, yes, another "surgery", but this appears to be very minor and won't take long at all.

I will have to take more pictures of Catherine, I don't seem to have one of her smiling recently. It shouldn't be hard to do, I'll just surround her with her brothers and let them work their magic! Thank you for your continued prayers for us. We will pray for all of you.

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