Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Kurt LeBlanc

Kurt LeBlanc is the 15 year-old cousin of Nicole. He is one of eleven awesome children and really needs our prayers.

Two weeks ago Kurt lost some vision in his right eye. After tests, the doctors thought he had a stroke. Monday morning September 29th, Kurt collapsed while getting ready for school and went into a seizure. Kurt has been mostly non-responsive since. Kurt spent the day at in the ER and was transferred to Children's Hospital in New Orleans, LA. late Monday night. He spent Tuesday having tests run. Two of the N.O. Saints visited him Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday night the doctors received test results that told us that Kurt suffered a stroke in his brain stem, his cerebellum, and his left occipital lobe. Early Wednesday morning, Kurt was transferred to another hospital to undergo a procedure to attempt to restore some blood flow to his brain stem by removing part of the clotting. Kurt made it through the procedure and we are now waiting to see if he becomes more responsive and gains some functions.

Later this afternoon, Kurt moved his arm and was able to blink for us. Kurt still has some clots in his brain that could break loose, but the doctors cannot put him on blood thinners for 24-48 hours because of the high probability that he would bleed in his brain if they did.

Please keep Kurt and his family in your prayers. Thanks!

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