Friday, October 03, 2008

Kurt Update

October 2 - Kurt gave his dad a smile this morning =) (He has a pretty speech maybe it was really for her)

October 3rd - Today Kurt will begin being fed by a feeding tube, called a PEG tube. This tube will go directly into his stomach to feed him. This procedure will be happening in a couple of hours. Please continue to pray. Your prayers are helping Kurt heal faster!


Bella Vita said...

Hello Mr. Hahn and Family,

I am a new Catholic blogger and found your blog. I was thinking that it was going to be a place to pray the rosary together.

I was and pleasantly surprised to find out so many similarities between your family and mine!

First, Catholocism (my husban in not though). Life in the country on a farm. A focus and love for our families......and finally, here's the drum roll: OHIO STATE BUCKEYE FANS!

My husband was born and raised in Athens, OH and earned his doctorate in education at OSU.

We ALSO look for buckeyes on our little farm too. However, I have not taken a picture of them like you have.

Since I am not from Ohio, I was surprised that these buckeyes shrivel up a bit!

Anyhow, I will add your blog to my favorite list.

Here are my blogs if you would like to do the same:

(Our Beautiful Catholic Faith)


(La Bella Vita - My blog on faith and beauty in life).

P.S. The Bucks play tonight on t.v. So now we will listen to our old cassette tape of "Script Ohio" to get pepped up!

Bye for now,


James M. Hahn said...

Thanks for the post and welcome to the blog world. There are some great blogs out there. I love Athens and visit often since it is practically in our backyard. Thanks again! Go Bucks!

Mother's Day Weekend.