Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Living the Gospel

Readings for Wednesday of the Twenty-seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time

Whenever I read a letter from St. Paul I always try to read it as though the letter was written to me. In reality, it was written for and to me and you. The last verse from the letter to the Galatians has a powerful punch and firm reminder to live a life that reflects the dignity of being a son or daughter of God. This verse, especially when paraphrased to address me directly, as I will do below, reminds me that I am to live the Gospel and with my life bring others to Christ. It reminds me of what nudged me back into the Church; the witness of those faithfully following Christ.

"Jim, if you, though a Catholic, live like the rest of the world and not a Catholic, how can you compel the world to live like a Catholic*?"

*Catholic - one who believes, practices, and holds true all that is taught by Jesus Christ through the Catholic Church especially by the instructions of the Magesterium. (definition provided for those politicans and others who claim to be Catholic while dissenting from official Church teachings)

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