Thursday, October 09, 2008

That One - Unbelievable

And this my friends is why we call this the "silly season" here in the United States. Does anyone really think this way? How can saying, "that one" be seen as having racial overtones? I must really live in a bubble in Mayberry because I couldn't have made this fit if my life depended on it. Maybe what they are really upset about is that McCain didn't say "The One" instead of saying "That one."

I really don't think anyone believes it is a racial slur but rather this is a last ditch effort to play the race card during this election.

Whoops, sorry! Did I say, "last ditch?" I apologize if I offended anyone. If you are a construction worker this was not meant to imply that you may be getting fired soon. If you are state highway worker, forgive me, I was not commenting on the state of the highways. And finally, if you are dead animal on the side of the road you have every right to make that your final resting place.

Oh great, now the hunters are offended that I said, "silly season." Look I am a gun owner and a hunter. NO! The "gun owner" thing wasn't a threat nor was it a reference to Obama's quote on clinging to guns, etc. What's that? PETA is here to talk about animals in ditches?
I have to get out of here......

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Emily said...

Hi James,
I just found your blog and I love it! I am also a Central Ohio blogger (I go to St. Pius in Reynoldsburg) who has spent lots of time at Children's. Catherine is so adorable, and I know that she will be just fine. The doctors and nurses there are really amazing.
You have a beautiful family--keep up the great blogging!

Mother's Day Weekend.