Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Trouble for Obama

MUN - Columbus, OH
John McCain moved ahead today according to the most recent poll data. After a decent showing at the second debate, Senator McCain not only closed the gap on Sen. Obama but passed him taking a 7 point lead in polls across the country. In fact, the numbers are still climbing as the day goes on. Many wish the stock market would follow suit!

Obama supporters are asking, "what the heck happened?" "We went to bed after watching the debate last night and Obama was a 5.5 point favorite," said Emily Jones, an Obama supporter. "When I woke up it was like my whole world had been turned upside down," she cried.

What was it that turned this election on its head? Did McCain's answers sway that many undecided voters? Did Obama's responses or attacks leave his party uneasy? What was it that made so many change sides in the course of a few hours? The answer may surprise you.

Senator Obama crossed the line with the American people. Most could set aside their feelings about his relationships with anti-American individuals like William Ayers and Rev. Wright. Others were determined to vote for him despite his pro-abortion stance. Many of his supporters were willing to turn a blind eye to his dangerous health care ideas. However, what no supporter was willing to support was this, Sen. Obama admitted that he occasionally smokes cigarettes and has even bummed them on the campaign trail.

The outcry was swift and deafening. Mary Swazinski of Mentor, OH said, "I thought he was the chosen one. Throughout my day I would often ask myself WWOD (What Would Obama Do). The chosen one wouldn't be smokin' that's for sure."

"Here is a man who wants to be the president of the United States and he's going around giving everyone cancer!" said Mark Haventon of Dayton. "How can he sleep at night? And if he does...well, we can't afford to have the White House burn down if you know what I mean."

The Obama campaign worked hard at damage control stating that, "many presidents have smoked. President Clinton for instance enjoyed cigars." The group admitted though that they don't know if they can recover from this and regain the lead. "Smoking is worse than anything in the minds of many Americans," said a spokesperson on condition of anonymity. "There are laws and regulations preventing it in practically every state." The spokesman refused to answer when asked whether Sen. Obama smokes on the bus.

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