Monday, January 05, 2009

Best of Real Life Rosary

I am waiting impatiently on a new computer. I haven't posted on the blog for awhile since I suppose I have been mourning my loss. I don't like using the family computer for various silly reasons so I'll keep waiting til my new computer shows.

In the meantime I thought I'd sift through the posts from the past few years and post a "best of Real Life Rosary." Please don't think there is any certain way I am ranking these. They are either posts that I look back on with love or posts that have brought about the most comments (online and off).

Anyway, for your reading pleasure and while I wait ever so impatiently, here's the best of since 2006....

1. My Silent Suffering (WCSS - Worst Case Scenario Syndrome)
2. Monday Pictures
3. Peace in the Pews
4. Everlasting King
5. The Seasons: A Poem
6. My Child
7. I Love Lent
8. Blessed
9. Keeping My Eyes on Heaven
10. Our Homebrew Prayer Group

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