Friday, January 23, 2009

Catherine Again!

Catherine did great with her hearing test today. Her older brothers kept her awake during the ride there so she could sleep during the test. She slept the whole time. The results show that she has a mild hearing loss in both ears! These results are more accurate than the behavioral test she had last week. So we are very glad about this. She will still need hearing aids, but they will probably be a little smaller.
Catherine is really starting to grab at things now. Mostly our faces. Especially Dad's face when it's scratchy. And the boys love to let her grab their hair, although by the look of someone's face I am not sure how much longer they will let her do that!
Another thing she is starting to grab at is her eye patch. She tore off three patches yesterday! It really looks like she knows what she's doing. She takes her index finger and slides it under the corner and she pulls it. It takes three or four tugs, but she gets it off. I found a damp one at the foot of her bed, she must have chewed on it before she threw it. (I'll have to remember that...she could choke on it!) At the most this would have slightly annoyed me with the boys if they had done this when they were babies. (These patches aren't free and I can't reuse them once they've been taken off.) But with Catherine I am mostly proud. Everything is going to come harder for her it seems. From holding her head up, to rolling, to sitting, to crawling, to walking, and even seeing and hearing, it's going to be a more difficult road than the boys had. So when she has enough fine motor skills to grab a thin piece of adhesive and rip it off (let's see the boys do that without grimacing!) I am very proud.

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Emily said...

That's great news!
She's adorable.

Mother's Day Weekend.