Friday, February 20, 2009

Screwtape Writes Again

My dear Barbaal,

After reviewing your last letter I am compelled to wonder what they teach anymore in that school down below. I realize that our job is not as difficult as it once once given the introduction of the television and the Internet. However, some basic classes in Logic, or my favorite, Temptation and Accusation, is not too much to ask. I may have to consider schooling you myself lest you turn out like your cousin Wormwood. Nevertheless, I will do their job and answer your question.

I admit that the abortion issue is not an easy one to understand for a young tempter, although I was never so naive as to think that Our Father Below would be loosing any ground. (By the way, be careful of those thoughts, it can be seen as open rebellion!) I will also admit that I hate even to address the topic as it repulses me completely. Of course I don't mind watching these disgusting bi-peds destroy each other in such fashion. No, rather, what disgusts me is that painful, searing light that pervades even here each time it happens. Lately the number of flashes has seemed to be without end.

It reminds me of when I was young tempter a couple of millenia ago. I remember watching with eagerness as many of these creatures were thrown to the wild beasts. That was the first time I saw that nasty, painful light. It seemed to permeate everything and then shoot towards the Enemy like a fireball. Our research has not been able to indicate whether it is the soul of the person or the Enemy Himself come to retrieve them. Regardless, the pain is a necessary evil if we are to think long term, which leads me back to your question.

I realize that on the surface it appears to be a loss for our side. To watch so many of these lights shoot toward Him lately can shake the faith of even the seasoned tempter if the end goal is not in mind. Look at it this way, for every one of those disgusting humans destroyed in the womb and lost forever to the Enemy we have the potential to gain at least two more souls, the father and mother (whether they call themselves that or not is of no importance).

I say at least because our intelligence operations is showing that this campaign is far more successful than we first hoped. Think of the other souls involved that move closer to our side each moment - the so called doctors, nurses, legislators, and those who sit and claim to not be able to do a thing (I really admire the work done by the tempters assigned to those souls!).

Unlike the brutal and entertaining destruction of the vermin by wild beasts or other means which the humans call martyrdom, (which often had the unforeseen effect of pushing the souls of those viewing the destruction toward the enemy - we're still trying to figure that one out), this destruction is hidden and has far better results for our side, even with the loss of that new soul.

However, when that light shoots toward the Enemy during an abortion, our real work soon begins and this is what I hope they are training you for at the bare minimum. Many souls can be gained for our side if we do our job well. I say "well" because if they are pushed too far they can often be pushed right into His arms.

If you are so fortunate as to receive one of these souls as an assignment, temperance must be exercised. The goal is not complete despair as some of the younger tempters are pushing toward. They forget that the Enemy is closest to those wretched beings when they are in the most pain of spirit and can even snatch them from our grasp at the last minute. No, our goal, as has been proven effective over and again, is denial to the end of their days (denial that they did this, denial that it was human, denial that it moves them closer to our side, etc). This is very nearly impossible to accomplish without temptation to other ways such as addiction and self-hate. Once the act is done, it is time for dog-pile on our part. This, by the way, is where the Temptation and Accusation classes will prove to be indispensable. If done correctly, the results can be absolutely delicious.

A new twist that is rather humorous, although I don't know how effective it is, is to convince the stupid things that what they have done is something they should be praised for. Some tempters have gained such a hold that their patient is touting him or herself as a sort of savior for sending this new soul to the Enemy. I laugh as I write this for it is really a stroke of genius by Our Father. Who else could show them the truth, and as the soul shoots toward the Enemy whisper, once again I might add, "'you are like God' sending that soul Heavenward"!

In closing, I must warn you not to become comfortable or lax. The Enemy is relentless in His quest for these souls especially. He is continually offering them His "healing". Oh, it makes me sick to think of this. That after all of our effort and hard work we can loose our grasp in an instant. The Enemy is a disgusting brute and will stop at nothing to regain these souls. I have seen men and women pulled from our clutches by a kind word from some sick-o "sidewalk counselor". I have watched whole groups of women lifted out of the beautiful darkness of our realm by the words of some disgusting priest at one of those hated retreats.

Anyway, Barbaal, as you can see, the issue guarantees nothing. It helps us tremendously in more ways than I can mention here, but it is no excuse to relax. The Enemy prowls about seeking souls to rescue. Be vigilant, temptation then accusation, use it, it works almost every time!

Your affectionate uncle,


*I beg forgiveness from those of you who love C.S. Lewis as I do. There is no way I could come close to his wonderful work The Screwtape Letters. This is merely my way of responding to my own question, "What does the devil have to gain from abortion?" Thanks for your patience and for reading. - Jim

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