Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Pictures

We're still here! We've been busy but everyone is doing well. Jim has a lot going on with work right now and I have a lot going on with 5 kids! Except this past week, Mom and Dad were here to help out, or more accurately, do everything for me! We're so blessed! Here are some pictures of Catherine. I would take pictures of the boys but they don't sit still for that long. You will notice that her eyes look pretty crossed. They looked a lot better a few days after her surgery than they do now. Not sure what that means, but we'll see another doctor in the near future. Thank youfor your continued prayers for us!

Little Pink Riding Hood

So serious

Not so serious

What Mom's thinking: Maybe one day she'll get used to having the hearing aids in and she won't try to take them out anymore.
What Catherine's thinking: Maybe if I take them out enough she'll stop putting them in.

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