Saturday, April 04, 2009

Boy's Day Out

I took the boys out to Clear Creek for a hike last week. After they saw the pictures from my hike they had to go and see the barn. This is the ascent up Cemetery Ridge Trail, a 700 foot rise from the road.

The boys pause for a breather and to dream of sled ridding down the hill behind them.

They spotted the barn!

A place boys could play in all day long.

We found a pool of water with frog eggs in it. Many of the tadpoles were starting to emerge from the eggs.

On the way back down the hill.

I forgot to mention that this guy was on my back the whole time. Good training for the Wilderness Outreach trip.

I'd been left behind.

If you click on the picture, you may see a red dot near the middle. That's one of the boys far ahead of dad.


Lauren said...

Wow, very impressed that they hiked so far. Way to go boys! (and you!)

James M. Hahn said...

They did very well considering it was about 4 miles total and much of it steep, rugged terrain. They did good this last weekend too (only 1.5 miles)

Mother's Day Weekend.