Thursday, April 16, 2009


Here's a picture of Catherine sitting her Bumbo seat. Even though she can't sit up on her own, in this seat she can sit and play. She is SO close to rolling over from her back to her belly! She still likes to play with her feet and is getting much stronger in her trunk. She had a renal (kidney)untrasound and cystogram this week. This was to check on the fluid that's around her right kidney and to check on her kidney reflux (urine backs up into her kidney). The fluid remains about the same and the reflux has gotten a little better from stage 3 to stage 2. The doctor thinks that both of these conditions will resolve themselves as she gets older. She still needs to take antibiotics to prevent a UTI which could easily move into her kidneys and cause damage. There was also discovered a small kidney stone in her right kidney. The doctor thought that since she was probably on Lasix when she was hospitalized that this drug could have caused it. He is referring her to a nephrologist to check this out. It doesn't bother her. Otheriwse she is doing well and looking forward to her First Birthday! I can't believe how fast a year has passed! Thanks for your prayers, we continue to pray for you.


RAnn said...

I'm writing to you because you've participated in the now-defunct Catholic Carnival. I'd be interested in continuing it, but as a meme, not a carnival. Rather than submitting a post to a carnival host, who would compile them and publish them, I propose to publish weekly, on my blog, a post titled St. Blog's Sunday Snippets highlighting any posts I would have submitted to the Catholic Carnival and inviting others to create similar posts on thier blogs, link to my post and leave a comment on my post giving a link to your post. If it isn't clear what I mean, check out my blog and look for the Mailbox Monday posts. My post is on my blog, and you'll see a link to the host blog. On the host blog, you'll see the master post, and all the links folks have left in the comments.

This is a lot less work than a carnival and would allow you to use your Sunday Snippets post to highlight and link to one or more of your posts and to any great links you have found that week.

I have set up a yahoo group from which I will post weekly reminders. Please subscribe if you are interested. Thanks.


scmom (Barbara) said...

God bless you sweet Catherine!

Patience said...

Prayers for continued improvements in her health and development.

Mother's Day Weekend.