Saturday, June 20, 2009

Morning Hike

I hike 12 miles this morning from Ash Cave to Old Man's Cave and back again along the Buckeye Trail. Here are some pictures from the journey.

Fire Tower. They are currently replacing all of the steps. The view is incredible and I hope to post pictures from the top this fall.

One approach to Cedar Falls.

This mushroom was incredible. It was nearly 10 inches tall.

I am reading Tolkien right now so the face in this trunk really stood out to me. ;-)

This is the climb above the Lower Falls at Old Man's Cave. It is a steep sandstone step climb to the long tunnel to the top.

Still climbing....notice platform (r)...

....near the tunnel...platform (l)....

...a view from above the platform.....

....stairs leading to the tunnel....

the tunnel to the surface.

A view looking back down the tunnel.

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