Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A day with the Hahn Family

Here are some pictures from our day of high adventure - zoo, pool, and VBS.
Samuel's Birthday was on Monday. I put this bike together on Sunday evening and hid it in our bookstore (in the basement). The plan was to put it in the backyard and when he was done opening presents tell him to look out the window. Mid-afternoon Nicole asked if I had given him the bike already. I told her that I had not and she told me, "well, he's out on the patio riding it." He had unlocked the door and found it and just took it out to ride. We couldn't get him off of it until it was just about dark!

William and the fish.

Anthony looking at the Manatee

Sting ray having lunch.

Rattlesnake looking for lunch.

Anthony and Christopher in mock fear of the python, boa, I don't know....big snake!

The boys on one hot manatee.

I can't believe I got this picture, these things are fast.

Christopher on the 1914 Carousel. Samuel cried when it was over not wanting to get off.

Me and the African tour guide along with the boys, err I mean gorillas.

The boys wanted to ride these giant tortoises but then realized it wouldn't be a very exciting ride.

Christopher taming the dragon (not real).

...trying to tame another dragon (real)!!!

A horse (actually a pony) and his boy. I am working on getting him into a pony club so we can have horses in the future. He loves them.

Christopher doing his William Wallace (Braveheart) impression on another pony. He's getting ready to reach for his weapon.

Cooling off as the new pool fills. ICE COLD!!!!

A refreshed little man.

While the oldest two were at VBS I took William and Samuel for a walk around Logan. Here they are dancing at the gazebo downtown. No music, just dancing.

Our parish where the VBS was taking place.

An ancient Oak in the cemetery across the street from the parish.

Large squirrels or a couple of nuts.

A long branch with William at the end (r).
Too much excitement for one day, dad is ready for bed!


scmom (Barbara) said...

That was all in one day? Oh, don't think so!

James M. Hahn said...

Sure enough. That's why we're laying around doing nothing today!

Mother's Day Weekend.