Saturday, August 22, 2009

The last days of summer vacation...

#4 sunbathing on the lawn

#'s 2 & 3 cooling off in the pool.

Our set up for processing corn. We put the husked corn in the boiling pot and then in the cooler full of ice water.

Out of the pot and into the ice water. The boys would then take it in to Nicole so she could cut it from the cob and put it in quart bags. We froze 18 dozen = 21 quarts. There is still plenty more to eat and share.

The boys launching old cobs out into the field.

#1 and his sunflowers. They are about 12-14 foot tall.

#1 and his pumpkin. We planted them a bit too early as you can see.

#1 was my main helper in shucking all of the corn.

Cooling off after a hard day of picking.

Black Spot the Kitten - the one we'll probably keep. We have two more kittens if anyone wants one.

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Mother's Day Weekend.