Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Slate Run Living Historical Farm

Okay, the first two pictures here are of one of our cucumbers that I cut open. I thought it was cool how the moisture started to seep out of the cucumber so I took these pictures.

Now, on to Slate Run Farm... It is a living historical farm that is part of the Metro Park system. We usually visit a few times a year depending on what's going on. We highly recommend a visit if you are in the Canal Winchester area.

The boys fell in love with the animals while dad fell in love with these beautiful flowers.

I'm a hopeless brewing romantic...

Some turkeys.

This turkey didn't care too much for the rooster being in the same pen.

fresh country air here!

We also had our neighbor with us, before any one starts spreading rumors...

I think William was smoking some corn stalks or something.

The farmers were plowing up potatoes and everyone was invited to dig them up out of the dirt. They let us take 6 spuds per family and the rest they were taking to the local food bank.

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Nod said...

Oooh, the flowers -- hops! We're planning on brewing a dunkelweiss this weekend. So I can appreciate that.

Mother's Day Weekend.