Monday, November 09, 2009

Weekend Pictures

#1 Made this headdress himself (with help from Mom and Dad). It turned out really nice. The face paint is actually Caladryl Lotion, he has a bad case of poison ivy.

I took the boys up to sit in the hunting blind behind the house. We had two bucks come out.

This one was real curious and kept inching closer.

Overall the boys did a good job of staying still.

My flash went off and so you can see their eyes. The boys loved this picture of course.

Working on the front of the bench for the utility room or....a medieval torture device.

Biscuits inserted, glue set.

There will be drawers underneath for hats and gloves. Boots and shoes will go in the box.

All stained and ready to be put together. (l to r) Front, Lid (a single piece of Cherry 17 inches wide), two ends. I hope to put it together this week or weekend and then work on the drawers.

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Mother's Day Weekend.