Saturday, December 19, 2009

Home at last.

We are finally home, ending what was the longest week of our lives, I believe. The surgery went well, thanks to everyone's prayers. The surgeon said everything looked good, the optic nerve wasn't enlarged (a possible indication that the tumor hasn't spread). They were very pleased with the results and we should know in a few weeks what our next step is for Catherine.

We left Philadelphia at 2:30 PM and arrived home at 11:30 PM even with heavy traffic around Philly and the beginnings of a snow storm along I76 & I70 all the way home.

The boys didn't know we were coming home tonight. My mother told them it would be Saturday evening, just in case we got caught in the storm. One is in our bed and I don't even care!!! They will be surprised in the morning....and then....the reprogramming begins! It will be fun.

We'll try to post pictures of the boys and Catherine tomorrow for ya'll.

I do have to take a moment and thank everyone, as best I can, for your prayers through all of this. It was a very difficult time for Nicole and I (Catherine will never know any different) and your prayers, support, and well wishes have pulled us through (again). We are terribly saddened that Catherine had to lose and eye but as the doctor said this morning, "we saved her life by doing this." It wasn't easy and many tears were shed but I firmly believe that your prayers, sacrifices, and holy hours gave us the strength to face this challenge. I can't personally thank everyone that prayed for us but you are all in our prayers. We thank God for you always. God Bless you all!


Nod said...

God bless you all, you've been through so much. Glad that the surgery went well.

Pogue Mahone said...

I am glad it went well; you are in my prayers,and if it's any consolation, if her retina was detached the chances are she wouldn't have been able to see regardless and was already blind due to the tumour,, so the surgical removal of the eye wouldn't have worsened it any different but in fact has saved her life! Praise to God it was found in time. He is Good.Our son had leukemia 4 years ago and it is a rough and terrifying road, but God gets you thru it!

Marian said...

I am so glad to learn that all went well. Little Catherine will be fine and strong. It is wonderful that the doctor's could help her. A friend of mine had this procedure done many years ago. No one knows that she had an eye problem unless she decides to share that she only has one eye.
You all made it through the worst of it. Now it is time to heal.

Mother's Day Weekend.