Sunday, December 13, 2009

In Philadelphia

It was supposed to be an 8 hour drive. It ended up being over 10 hours. We awoke to freezing rain and the roads were slick. At 10 AM we were standing still on I70 still in Ohio. We sat for two hours before we were able to get off and rejoin the Interstate on down the line.

We made it almost to West Virginia when we saw another wreck, a semi jack-knifed in the middle of the highway. A few miles down the road we saw a car resting on it's roof and then another.

Pennsylvania was foggy, rainy, and practically zero visibility but we pressed on. Catherine did wonderful and was a joy the whole way. We made it to the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia at about 6:30 safe and sound thanks to all of your prayers.

Thank you all for praying the nine hour novena with us. It was wonderful to have so many people praying it not only here in the US but across the Atlantic too ;-). (thanks for the text, unfortunately we couldn't text back for some reason).

Catherine's appointment is at 8:30 AM on Monday. We would appreciate your prayers for the appointment and that we all accept God's will for Catherine. God Bless you all! - Jim

P.S. Pray for my parents too - they are watching all of the boys at our house! Yikes! We may stay in PA for longer than needed. haha!

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