Saturday, January 09, 2010

Christmas Vacation Photos

After our long week in Philadelphia we were ready to get away for some rest and relaxation. We left on Wednesday afternoon and arrived at Mimi and Grandpa Dave's early Christmas Eve morning (5 AM to be exact). I guess I mis-judged the travel time! Anyway, here are some photos from that point on in no particular order as well as a few in the time since our return last Saturday.

Our niece Anna. She is a cutie.
One of ours doing the same thing...not so cute. haha

Grandpa Dave distributing the remains of a gingerbread train to the 10 of 13 eligible grand kids.

Every year they dress up for our very own Christmas pageant. 2006 (just our immediate family) 2007 (when everyone was at our house) Holy cow 13 out of 14 Grandkids - the oldest being 8 years-old!

Everyone enjoying the fireworks for New Year's Eve - and the smoke....

Catherine received a bunch of cards and gifts from the students at St. Michael Parish School of Religion. She says thanks to ya'll!

A shoot shall sprout from the stump of....this potato. This thing was about an inch high when we left for LA now it is growing out of control!

The roots of said potato.

This past Thursday we had our first winter storm of the year. We figured a good way to celebrate the 6+ inches of snow was a bonfire.

Let it snow!

Catherine got a crib for Christmas, making room for the new baby in a couple months, and the boys turned the box into boats in the living room.

Me enjoying a cigar around the bonfire in the snow.

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Patience said...

I should start a sweet potato plant; they're amazing as long as you can keep the potato from rotting. Then they're not so amazing.
I love the snow bonfire too.
Happy New Year and continued prayers for your family.

Mother's Day Weekend.