Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Winter Olympics - Team Hahn Version

Here are some rare pictures and video clips of the Hahn Snow Tube Team training on the hill behind their secret training facility. Traveling at break-neck speeds (I'm guessing 20 mph or better) these Hahn men know no fear. They've been training for the Olympics for two days now (the tube arrived on Friday) and are ready for fierce competition. If you are free on Monday (President's Day) join us (we're supposed to get 3-5 more inches of snow) for some sledding and tubing fun....

William inspecting the tube cover, Real Tree Camo style!
A little recreation at the giant snow ball village complete with snow slide.

5 ft snow ball and obstacle to avoid when sledding or tubing, it's solid ice now.

This is Anthony off to a good start with some help from a brother.

The Hahn Brothers in action...

Dad and Samuel, this was Samuel's first trip down in the tube. I thought he'd be crying considering the speed and snow flying up in our faces but wanted to do it again.

Anthony and Christopher on one final run down the hill.

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