Sunday, November 14, 2010

Personal Ponies Field Trip

On Friday we took the kids to Worthington, OH to visit with a friend of ours and her ponies. They are part of the Personal Ponies program. The Personal Ponies program exists to bring children with special needs in contact with ponies. We highly recommned you check out their website and help if you are able.

We are considering the idea of getting some ponies not only for Catherine and our family but for the community as well. Right now we are looking into what it would take and would appreciate your prayers as we look into this.

Needless to say, the kids had a wonderful time. Thank you so much Gina, and Snickers, and Hershey. The day was filled with magic as the kids groomed, walked and fed the ponies. In addition there was a campfire and hotdogs. I can't imagine a more perfect day for everyone. Here are the pictures....

Ms. Gina getting Hershey ready for a walk while Snickers looks on jealously.

Anthony and William trying their hand at grooming.

Samuel giving Hershey some love.

Catherine loved them too and was really reaching out to pet them.

Anthony fell in love, that's all I can say and you will see what I mean...

Snickers is younger and more full of energy so he stayed penned up for a most of the day but I think Catherine loved him the most.

The fire ring for those not too interested in the ponies.

Plenty of firewood and hotdogs.

Daniel and his beautiful momma!

Anthony and Hershey out for a walk.

more grooming...

A team effort on the brushing.

Anthony was in love with Hershey. He was also posing for a coloring book.

He'd give a hug but not a kiss. Oh well, better luck next time Hershey.

Instant best friends.

Time to say goodbye...for now.

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