Sunday, January 30, 2011

Catholic Schools Week 2011 Giveaway

Welcome to the 2011 Catholic Schools Week.  This year, instead of giving away one book, we're giving away a book a day.  

To win a copy of A Visit to Church for your school, homeschool, or PSR program, send an email and tell us why you think your school is the best.  Each evening we'll pick a school, homeschool, or PSR program to win a book.  Winners will be chosen at random from all entries but we would like to hear about your program!

Good Luck!  Happy Catholic Schools Week!


Beth said...

I would like to enter our little family home school! Thanks

Beth said...

I forgot to say why I think our school is the best! We are a school built on love! Love of God, Love of Christ, Love of His Church, Love of each other.

Paula H said...

Pope John Paul II Catholic School in NE Minneapolis is the best because it catechizes the students in the fullness the faith well with weekly Mass plus individual monthly Mass for each class, weekly Rosary, multi-age classes (students attend the level of education they are ready for in each subject), they have many students from immigrant families and offer a diverse environment built upon respect, and teach their students responsibility and how to give back to the community.
Students who would get 'lost in the cracks' at bigger schools do well here and are well prepared for high school.
(website still being constructed)

Anonymous said...

As a parent of a student from Garces Memorial Hg School in Bakersfield, California let me comment. In todays economy to put your child in private education is a sacrafice, to have your child attend Garces Memorial High School in Bakersfield is a blessing. We are blessed to have a school that holds on to creed's of Integrity, Courage of Faith, Respect and Compassion. This Catholic Hg school prepares college ready students of the highest degree. I am so thankful that my daughter has been a part of this 65 year old tradition of Catholic Education.

Anonymous said...

I think our Pre-School PSR Program at St. Michael's in Worthington is the best as it is one of the only pre-school programs in the Columbus area. We teach children from age 3 yrs to Kindergarten basics about God, Jesus, the Bible, the Rosary, and the parts of the Mass. We even have music twice a month and sing all the Bible songs we all grew up singing. Thanks and good luck to all! Debbie Joyce

James M. Hahn said...

Thanks to all who have commented thus far. I wanted to make it easier for us to communicate with the winners so if you could send an email too, it would be greatly appreciated. God Bless you, Jim

Mother's Day Weekend.