Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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The one major sporting event that I get most excited about is Rollerchair Ball. Okay, it's not a major sporting event in the traditional sense but it is truly a sporting event. If you take a tablespoon of soccer, mix in a splash of American football, add an old shirt made into a ball, and place everyone on office chairs while wearing pads and a helmet, you have Rollerchair Ball.

The sport is very fast-paced and the rules are as entertaining as the game itself. Cheeking, for instance, is when a butt-cheek leaves the seat during game play and a penalty is applied.

After each game there is usually a "press-conference" where participants are asked about not only the game but current events and random trivia. Even the spectators are encouraged to ask questions of the players.

If you've never watched Rollerchair Ball, you may want to find a game and not only watch but play as well, but "pun intended" no cheeking!

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