Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 5

Today we had two visits with Karen, the OT that runs the program. It was very nice to finally meet her in person. She is incredibly kind and compassionate.

Catherine did terrific, accepting 2 tastes of yogurt on Karen's finger before getting pretty upset at the 9am appointment. Then at the 11:30 appointment, she accepted multiple tastes of a dry spoon and then a spoon dipped in water before getting upset. Karen would count 1....then touch the tray with the spoon, 2....then touch her arm/hand with the spoon, and 3....present the spoon to her mouth and she actually opened pretty big for it, and then I would sing her a song to reinforce her.

She did end up getting pretty upset after about 15 minutes, so we let her down and we continued eating our lunch. She was watching us pretty intently so I put her on my lap and offered her some small pieces of popcorn and she ate 5 or so of those and licked a potato chip. Karen says it looks like she has great oral skills, in other words she can do the mechanics of eating, she just needs the motivation to do it and some practice.

Catherine's calories have been reduced 70% today and tomorrow it will be reduced 80%, and we'll stay there for a few days at just 20% and keep giving her water and watching her weight.

Catherine and Daniel are having their nap right now, so unless anything major happens this evening and night I'll update again tomorrow. Thanks again for your prayers!

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Patience said...

I visit your blog most days and say a prayer for Catherine. (doesn't matter whether you update either so no pressure here)

Mother's Day Weekend.