Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 6

FYI...this is our second day in Seattle, but we started cutting calories 6 days ago, that's why it's day 6 and not day 2 :-) in case anyone was wondering.

Catherine did well yesterday afternoon, eating 10 or more small pieces of popcorn after nap and also the same amount right before bed. She also accepted a dry spoon and a spoon with a few drops of water on it without fussing. She slept well after getting her only full tube feed for that day.

She was not too happy during the first appointment today, crying and wanting out of the high chair. Probably hungry and thirsty, but also not too sure about Karen yet. At the next appointment we tried a little in the highchair where she fussed and cried, and then we moved to the floor where we put the food on a blanket and she ate a few pieces of popcorn and was much happier. She was pretty tired when we got back to the RM House and she took an almost 3 hour nap.

When she woke up we had a picnic on the floor again and she tasted a few pieces of popcorn and licked a potato stick, but mostly threw food and spoons. We played outside since it didn't rain today and it was sunny, but pretty cool. Catherine and Daniel enjoyed being outside and getting some fresh air. At supper, I gave her a peanut butter cracker sandwich, the same kind she was licking on Sunday, and she went to town licking, mouthing, eating tiny pieces of it. If she could've stuck the whole thing in her mouth I think she would have. Then she ate 3-4 pieces of popcorn with the last one being a full size piece and she handled it well and didn't spit it out. So, overall Catherine is a little more tired and fussy at times, but generally she is in a good mood and is still showing interest in food, as long as it's on her terms.

She gets four 170mL boluses of water and one 170mL bolus of her blenderized diet now each day. When she was weighed on Monday, she was 24 lb. 8 oz., so she had lost a half pound. She will get weighed again tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for your prayers and support, we really appreciate it! I will update tomorrow. God Bless!

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