Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 7

Not too much to report today. Catherine had a better day at her therapy appointments now that she and Karen are getting to know each other better and Karen is learning how to relate to her. Catherine mouthed the peanut butter cracker and ate small pieces of popcorn during both sessions. Her intake is not any better, but not any worse and Karen says it's actually better than most kids at this point, which is usually nothing. She says that everything is going normally and that it will take more time to see an increase in intake. She also mentioned the possibility of using an appetite stimulant. Periactin is actually an antihistamine with a side effect of increasing the appetite. We will wait to see what she does over the weekend to decide whether to use it or not. She lost a tenth of a kilogram in weight which is a few ounces, so that's good also.

Later this afternoon after her nap she seemed really tired. She and Daniel played in the playroom in the RM House and then she just laid in my lap, not interested in food at all. She would smile a little if we played with her, but she just seemed really wiped out. So I decided to give her half of her only tube feed at 5:30 instead of just all water and she perked up and is giggling and playing happily. I will try to offer her some more food before bed and giving the rest of that tube feed.

Thank you all for your prayers, please continue to pray for success for Catherine!

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