Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 9

This is a good news/bad news post...

First, the good news. Catherine "pigged out" this morning. The volume wasn't huge, but she ate for about 45 minutes in the high chair and on the floor for her first appointment. She had tastes of yogurt, a couple of veggie sticks while shoving in popcorn at the same time, avocado/coconut milk puree, and some oatmeal. She is really working hard trying to chew and swallowing very well. Most of what she eats goes down fairly quickly and she's not "storing" any food under her tongue like she used to. Karen keeps saying how ready she is and how wonderful her oral skills are, like moving her tongue around to move the food around. After the first appointment we go to the hospital's playroom until the next appointment and Catherine seemed to have a little more energy and was in a better mood than the past two days. I think she's actually getting some extra calories from what she's eating! The 11:30 appointment was more of the same, just not quite as much volume. She was in a really good mood though, laughing and giggling and jabbering with everyone.

Now, the bad news. At the end of the last appointment, Catherine developed a runny nose. She has a cold. I guess it was bound to happen, being at the hospital every morning, living in a communal house, playing on the floor, dropping her pacifier on the floor and popping it back in before I can clean it. Whenever Catherine gets a cold, she has a horrible runny nose, and can't breathe at all out of her nose. It will affect her eating and appetite, no doubt about it. I just hope and pray that this is short lived and she can still respond to being hungry and not lose all interest. This afternoon and evening I definitely saw a decrease in her intake, but the interest is still there, watching us and licking and biting a Ritz cracker and eating a small piece of cheddar cheese.

Something good that may come out of this is that we may visit my sister and her family this weekend. We are about 3-4 hours away right now and we've never been to her house because of the distance. We were planning on visiting until she told me 2 of her kids had cold symptoms. Since we were trying to keep Catherine as healthy as possible, we didn't want to expose her to anything knowingly, but now that she has a cold, it doesn't really matter. Hopefully we be able to see them before we leave since we are so close!

Thank you for your prayers, please pray that this cold resolves quickly!

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Patience said...

Sounds like she's making some good progress. Hopefully the cold will come and go quickly and the little guy will be ok too.

Mother's Day Weekend.