Sunday, May 01, 2011

Day 10

I'm sorry I didn't update yesterday, with no therapy and nothing really happening I just forgot! Anyway, Catherine slept terrible Friday night and was pretty miserable with a low grade temp Saturday morning. We decided not to travel to Portland to visit my sister because Catherine would not have done well. But my sister is coming to visit us today, and we are looking forward to seeing her!

So she had a terrible runny nose and was extremely congested all day. The good thing is that she was still interested in food, she just didn't eat a whole lot. She took a really long nap in the afternoon to make up for the night before. Right before I put her to bed for the night I offered her some popcorn and she ate around 15 or so small pieces! She had no trouble chewing and swallowing those despite not being able to breathe out of her nose. She slept much better last night and she hasn't felt warm to me since early yesterday. So except for a runny nose that will linger I am sure for at least a week or two, I optimistic that she will make some progress in the next few days. We are headed to Mass this morning and maybe the store on the way back and looking forward to our visit this afternoon!

God Bless!


DC said...

I JUST can't get over how very beautiful your children are. And they are the vision of happiness!

Patience said...

Baby steps but still progress. My youngest dd made her FHC today and I prayed for you at Mass.

Mother's Day Weekend.