Monday, May 02, 2011

Day 11

Posting the day after again....not too much eating news to report from yesterday. She was feeling a little better, still has a runny nose. I think she ate between 35-40 small pieces of popcorn through out the day. She had very little interest in purees so I didn't push it.

We did have a really nice visit with my sister and two of her kids. I hope to get some pictures of the afternoon from her to put up. She also came bearing cards, gifts, and cupcakes for her goddaughter. The kids played outside (the weather was really nice) and then we ate supper at the house and then we sang happy birthday. She wasn't too interested in the cupcake except I'm sure she wanted to throw it, and I wasn't about to let her!

I hope she's feeling better and better over the next couple of days and that her eating really picks up. Thanks for the prayers!

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