Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Day 13

Well, it just keeps getting better. Take a look at what she ate today:

Bacon (!) -licked and ate some tiny pieces
scrambled egg -4 pieces, about 1 teaspoon
corn puffs -7
oatmeal -3 tastes
popcorn -over 70 pieces
goldfish cracker -2
veggie sticks -22 small pieces
milk -tastes on pacifier
graham cracker pieces -3
potato sticks -4 small pieces
Ritz cracker -1 small bite
Kix cereal -7
cheerio -1
fruit smoothie -2 licks

As you can see, today she got a lot more adventurous with tasting and eating different things besides popcorn. I was shocked about the bacon and eggs. We also skipped two of her boluses today without any problems. I don't think I mentioned what her weight was on Monday. She was 10.8kg, which is 23 lb. 13 oz. and that's a little over a pound that she's lost and that is perfectly acceptable. Hopefully now that she's eating more we'll start to see her weight stabilize. She will be weighed again tomorrow.

This is definitely a process, but I believe that we will not leave here on full tube feeds, and that she will come home supporting herself partially with what she eats orally. Karen will continue to help us after we go home to continue to drop tube calories as she maintains her weight and eats more. It is amazing though. We brought her here eating virtually nothing and I can't help but feel so proud of her when I look at what she's doing now.

We have two more days left, and then we head home Friday. We can't wait to see the boys, we miss them tons! Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes!

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Mary said...

Wow...amazing!!! Y'all are doing amazing work! We prayed for her in front of the tomb of St. (Brother) Andre Bessette at St. Joseph's Oratory here in Montreal. He was canonized Oct. 17th - someone's BD you know? Our love, hugs, and kisses to everyone! Love, Mom & Dad

Mother's Day Weekend.