Thursday, May 05, 2011

Day 14

Catherine had another good eating day today. Her weight remained the same at 10.8kg from Monday, which means we can keep the same schedule that we are doing and not go up on tube feeds. Today I wasn't as meticulous about recording every single bite, but here is a run down of what she ate: bacon, she actually ate some small pieces today, scrambled eggs, cinnamon waffle with almond butter, licks of fruit smoothie, sesame dessert, toast with cheese, veggie sticks, corn puffs, popcorn, Kix cereal, vanilla icing, 1/4 of a girl scout cookie, 1/3 single serving package of graham cracker bunnies, and tastes of milk on her pacifier.

And she's swallowing all of this. For the most part none of it ends up on her bib. And we're starting to hear a lot more "crunches" when she eats those crunchy foods. She's using her teeth more instead of moving them around with her tongue and letting them dissolve. She's in a good mood most of the day and she definitely appears to have more energy than last week. So she's well on her way to being tube free one day. How long it takes will be up to Catherine. As she maintains her weight and gains, we can further cut tube feedings. She doesn't drink anything at this point and doesn't take any wet foods besides a few tastes, so that will be the next step for her, to begin drinking. I am hoping that some thirst, watching us drink and finding the right cup and/or straw will encourage her to begin drinking as well.

Last day tomorrow in Seattle. We will be busy with our last appointments, cleaning up our room and doing laundry and going to bed early for our flight Friday morning. I may not have time to update the blog, but I will update when we get home for sure! Thanks again for your prayers and support! She did it!

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Becky Prestidge said...

wow ... incredible Nicole

Mother's Day Weekend.