Monday, July 18, 2011

The Sign of Jonah

(Repost from 2007)

Not a fisherman was he
to Tarshish did he flee
when wind ripped stern and sail
causing men, tough, to wail
Call thy God was their plea
throw me in the sea answered he
their offering, the sea quelled
in its belly prophet dwelled

To life again once more
spewed upon the sinners' shore
Forty days and then no more
Cried he from door to door

Sackcloth, ashes, fast no feast
every man, woman, beast
turn from evil way, perhaps
God will let His evil pass
city moved heart Divine
unwilling prophet made a sign

Another Jonah, Solomon too
the final sign then nothing new
far greater than those ancient two
the sign this One would do

Like Nineveh of olden days
sackcloth, ashes, go your way
The Word's been spoken
nothing more
this prophet spewed upon eternal shore
condemned by those of years long past
who saw God in the men that passed
But here God, himself a man
turn from sin whilst thy can.

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