Monday, September 26, 2011

Hard Business Lesson

In August of 2006 I opened our Catholic bookstore in the basement of our home.  After years of operating traveling store we thought it may be a nice idea to have something more permanent for folks.  Shortly after opening a gentleman stopped by representing a credit card processing company.  He told me that he had found my name from a list of new businesses provided by the local tax office (thanks a bunch!).

This gentleman proceeded to give his sales pitch for the machine and all that it could do.  He even offered to scratch the lease payments for the first two months and if I decided I didn't want it I could get out.  He told me that if I never used it, he'd just come pick it up, no questions asked.  I went for it.

After a month I realized that I was going to use this machine and tried to contact the man.  No answer.  I tried for weeks to contact him directly.  No answer.  I tried to reach him via the Better Business Bureau.  No answer. I tried the lease company.  No sympathy. No answer.

I ended up cancelling the account associated with the lease..with any early termination fee.  I then proceeded to pay for the machine each month for four years for a total of about $2500.  An expensive mistake but a lesson learned well.

I learned that I should always thoroughly research every business that I deal with.  I'm not the only one to have this experience.  Apparently, it's their way of doing business.  I also learned that from that time forward, I make a salesman work for his money.  If you want to sell me something, it will take at the very least, two trips to see me, and then, maybe.  If I feel pressure, it's over.

Anyway, just wanted to rant and warn.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Hahn,
Just saw your ad on Zenit. Loving prayers for all your family especially for little Catherine,
Peace and goodness

Sr Maria PCC

Mother's Day Weekend.