Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Why Judas?

Today's Readings

Jesus spent the night in prayer.  He spent this time alone, conversing with His Father and I believe we are to assume that this prayer, this conversation, concerned who would be chosen as Christ's Apostles.  The entire night in prayer and yet He still picks Judas Iscariot.  Why?  Isn't He God?  Doesn't this show that Jesus was not omnipotent?  If He were God, why would He choose the very man who would betray Him as an Apostle?

This is a question that has bothered me throughout the years.  I don't claim to have an answer and I am open to your insight as well.  I do have an idea about this and I'll try to flesh it out here.

God, in His omnipotence can see every possible outcome of human and natural events to the nth degree.  Like looking at branches of lightning that light up the sky in every direction, He can see every possible scenario of my daily life.  He can see every possible outcome that could result from me getting up late.  He can view with complete clarity all the infinite results of each of my actions.  He foresees not only my choice to log on to a website years ago but also the marriage and children that resulted from meeting that girl on that website and their children and their choices....He can see it all.  However, even though God sees it all, He continues to respect my free will.

As a father I can begin to see some of the choices and opportunities that lie ahead for my children based on their abilities, temperaments, and gifts.  I can hope that they choose a holy path.  I can pray that they choose to serve the Lord in whatever they do.  I can teach them the ways they should follow.  However, I cannot violate their freewill.  I can not make them choose a path.

Jesus saw that Judas could very well betray Him, He choose him anyway.  He respected his freewill enough to maybe even hope that it would be done another way.  I refuse to believe, as some do, that God destined Judas to betray Jesus.  This would go against scripture because God wills that all should be saved (cf 1 Tim 2:4).  He wills it but He respects our freewill, our ability to reject His will.

Is Judas in Heaven?  I pray that he is.  I pray that one day we will sing of him as we do of Adam, "O Happy fault, O necessary sin of Adam, which gained for us so great a redeemer."

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