Sunday, November 02, 2014

A Visit to Church: A picture journey (Book)

When I was working as a Director of Religious Education I thought it would be nice to have a book for the kids that explained all the things they see at Mass.  I put together a paperback book that examined many of the items commonly found in the Catholic Church like statues, stained-glass windows and all the items Father uses for Mass.  The book was well received by parents, kids, and educators.

I've now republished the book using the Kindle format for digital ebook.  This book is available on Kindle Fire and newer models as well as computer Kindle reader apps.

Today and tomorrow (11/2/14, 11/3/14) the book is free for Kindle.  You can download it here.  Please be so kind to leave a review.  It helps others find the book and it helps me serve more people.  Here's the link - A Visit to Church: A Picture Journey

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