Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Become a Real Life Rosary Affiliate

There have been a lot of big changes with our rosary business as of late.  We've published two new books - A Visit to Church: A Picture Journey on Kindle and in Paperback and 4 Simple Steps to Better Meditations on Kindle.  We've moved our rosary store to a more user friendly hosting site.  This site allows us to serve our clients better with easier checkout, less clutter on each page, abilities to provide gift cards, discounts, and customer accounts.

Another change is that we are now allowing affiliates to join us.  Our new affiliate program is perfect for those of you who have a blog or website or for those parishes or organizations that have a blog or website.  The program is very easy and you or your group earns 15% of every sale that comes from your site or link.  Our average order is around $25, so that's $3.75 just for placing one of our ads on your site or sending out an email letting others know about us.

Here are some simple steps to become an affiliate:

  1. Visit our new Real Life Rosary Store - check out what we have to offer and become familiar with our products.
  2. Complete the simple application to become an affiliate - the form is easy to complete and we don't ask to many questions.
  3. Sample Banner Ad
  4. Promote Real Life Rosary - there are many ways to do this, here are a few ideas:
  • Place one of our Banner Ads on your website or blog (personal, parish, group, etc)
  • Write a blog post about our products.  If you are familiar with our items, this should be easy.  If not, send me an email and we may be able to hook you up with a sample.
  • Send an email to your email or FaceBook followers, parish list, group list, youth group, email marketing list, etc
If you need more ideas or help making this happen, please feel free to contact us.  Right now, the number of affiliates we are adding is limited, so, if this is of interest to you, and you'd like to make some money promoting our family business and high-quality products, act today.

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