Saturday, May 30, 2015

God's timing.

Bella at 4 months!
It's hard to believe that this little one is 4 months-old already.  Time sure does fly.  I've really enjoyed Isabella.  I know that seems strange to say and I'm not saying I haven't enjoyed the previous 6 kids.  What I mean is that I've really been able to enjoy her.

When you have children, especially every two years or so, sometimes it's hard to take time to enjoy them.  However, now that the others are older and pretty much self-sufficient (are they ever, are we ever), I'm able to really take the time to just enjoy her, to soak in her personality.

I thank God for the gift of her and all of our children.  I thank God for the gift of His timing.  I thank God for a Godly wife who is open to God's plan for life, love, and family.

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Annie said...

Nice give away. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Good luck to all! God bless you and your family.

Mother's Day Weekend.