Friday, May 29, 2015

Win These Bracelets!

I need to pay more attention when I'm making things...  I made these 7 bracelets for a customer only to realize that I neglected to include the "Our Father" beads.  So, you win or at least get a chance to win.

To enter for your chance to win all 7 of these bracelets, just leave a comment below.  We'll choose one lucky winner from the comments.  Please only enter once, unless of course you also "like" our Facebook page.  In that case, go ahead and enter twice.

Good luck, we'll pick a name on the evening of Trinity Sunday (May 31st, 2015)


heatnhumidity said...

These are still very usable!!

Vicki G said...

Very nice, thank you for the generous offer! God bless!

Vicki G said...

Real Life Rosary "liked" on Facebook :)

Jean said...

These would be great to wear when I pray while on my walks (a 30 minute walk is just right for a Rosary!)

James Hahn said...

Congratulation Jean, you win the bracelets. Please send your snail mail address to and we'll get those out to you!

Mother's Day Weekend.