Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Welcome to our New Rewards & Referral Program!

We're so excited to tell you about our new Rewards & Referral Program where you can earn serious discounts when you shop or refer others to our store.  

Earn 300 Gold Beads and get a $5 discount 
Earn 600 Gold Beads and get a $10 discount
Earn 1500 Gold Beads and get a $25 discount

Earn Gold Beads by:

Purchasing - Every dollar you spend gives you 1 Gold Bead!
Creating - Set up an account on our site and get 200 Gold Beads!
Referring - Refer a friend.  When you do this, they get a coupon for a 10% discount.  If they purchase, you get 300 Gold Beads, yes $5 off your next purchase or let those Beads accumulate.  You can refer others by using email or posting a link on your social media site!  It's easy and you help us help others discover their lives within the mysteries of the rosary.

You could even get money off your first purchase before you even purchase anything?  What?  Yeah, go to our site, sign up for account - BOOM! - 200 Gold Beads.  Start referring friends, each time one of them makes a purchase - BOOM!- 300 Gold Beads.  You could potentially get $25 off your first purchase just by telling others about us, which you want to do anyway!  You can refer by sending out an email blast, posting on Facebook, Twitter, or any other creative way you'd like to share the love.  Plus, when you share, your friends are getting 10% Win-Win-Win!!

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