Friday, July 08, 2016

30 Day Prayer Challenge - Day 1

*The 30 Day Prayer Challenge is hosted by Real Life Rosary.  During these 30 days we are using the book 4 Simple Steps to Better Meditations to dive deeper into reading the daily scriptures.  Please click any of links for more information.  Join our Facebook Group to stay up to date.

Step #1 - Clear the Mind.

This morning was very odd for me.  I didn't have any distractions!  Maybe because I was too excited and ready to begin this 30 day adventure.

Step #2 - Read the Scriptures

Today's readings can be found here.  Even if you've read them hundreds of times before, read them again, and again. Read the readings at least twice, three times is better.  I've found it helpful to write down words or phrases that stick out to me during my time of reading.  I'll also jot down ideas that pop into my head from the readings.

Step #3 - Join the Story

  • a) Why is he sending us as sheep among wolves rather than wolves among sheep?
  • b) If I were a bystander, not an Apostle, would I be glad I wasn't chosen as one of the 12?!
  • c) If I were an Apostle, would I be thinking, "is this really what I signed up for? What happened to the miracles, loaves and fishes, etc?"
  • d) What does the word "shrewd" really mean?  In my mind it means "tricky, sneaky, or even dishonest."

Step #4 - Talk/Listen to God

I've been struggling with my job or jobs lately and have been bringing that to my prayer time.  With this time today I can more clearly see that no place will be perfect.  There will be good and bad everywhere.  What's most important is that I stay faithful regardless of where I work.  I'm at peace with where I am now and the future that I see.  This message has been persistent in my prayer for a few weeks now and I can certainly be obedient to it.

I looked up the word "shrewd" and it means: having shown an ability to understand things and to make good judgments: mentally sharp or clever.  I see myself as shrewd in the fact that I can make good judgments about my family and work but also in sharing the faith.  Being shrewd means living my faith in a way that is attractive, being gentle means not bashing people with the faith.

Step #5 - Bonus Step - Thanksgiving

Dear Lord, thank you for this time of prayer and meditation.  Thank you for another day to know you, to love you, and to serve you.  Thank you for all of the people joining us during these 30 days.  Help us all to grow in our love for you and one another!

Today is Friday, I would encourage you to pray the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary.  Here are the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Family.

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