Friday, October 21, 2016

King Brump and the Orb

The young toad sat on the stone absorbing the warmth of the last rays of an October sun.  All about him he could hear the various sounds he was accustomed to in his little kingdom.  He watched as the humans of various sizes patrolled the borders keeping out all who might harm him.  The humans belonged to him, they were part of his kingdom.  They ran this way and that in great excitement brandishing their polished silver clubs with black handles repelling roving bands of scoundrels hunting for the Orb.

The Orb had arrived in the kingdom years ago, no one can really remember when.  It was at a time when the young toad still had a tail and his kingdom was much smaller.  The Orb was magnificent to behold with it's unnatural smooth green coat and 365 facets, each one marking a day in the long year.

On Arrival Day each year, that is the day that King Brump emerges from his deep sleep, he ventures out through the kingdom summoning the humans and searching for the Orb.  It is never where he left it on Delving Day, the last cold day when King Brump delves into his deep sleep.  The humans, in their constant vigilance, move the Orb to protect it while the King sleeps.

His humans often move the Orb, in fact, they move it daily.  He has commanded them to do so.  In part, this is to protect the Orb but also because King Brump enjoys the big adventure of finding the Orb.  Each time it is moved he travels through the Kingdom on his quest for the Orb.  Often he will find the Orb in crafty hiding spots created by the humans.  They will place it in tall grass beside the Fair Lawn by striking it with their clubs.  They fain looking for it to throw off the enemy and then run off with a yell to another part of the Kingdom.  At other times, in times of great haste, they will strike the Orb with perfect precision placing it in a spot within the Stone Cave where only he can retrieve it.

There have been times that he has found it by the ancient Wind Mill on the Eastern most edge of his realm.  More than once has he had to reprimand one of the younger humans for such carelessness.  But in his kindness he allows them to pick him up and parade him around the Kingdom.  The parade often makes him feel nauseous and he is thankful when the large human guards insist that he be positioned on one of his many thrones and left to Kingly affairs.

And so it goes day in and day out in the peaceful Kingdom of King Brump.  I hope that one day you will be able to visit his Kingdom if you haven't already.  I truly believe you would wonder at the majesty of it with it's flowing streams, careening waterfalls, gentle slopes, and peaceful walking paths.  The Kingdom is known in the world of humans by a different name.  This is part of King Brump's plan to keep the Kingdom safe.  The wise among you will recognize it in the human tongue as Adventure Mini-Golf or sometimes Magic-Mountain Mini-Golf.  Mini-Golf is the secret word King Brump devised to make his hidden Kingdom known to humans.

When you visit do not enter the Kingdom without a polished club for although it is a very beautiful land, it is dangerous and there are great perils for you and the Orb in your care.  When you see him, make sure to bow low before King Brump and if he summons you to take him on parade, be gentle, for it can make him nauseous.

This story was written as a personal challenge to myself this morning.  A weird challenge nonetheless.  I decided to work on a little creative writing by writing a story about the last picture I took on my phone.  It just happened to be of this little toad one of my boys found while we were playing mini-golf last Sunday.  

If you are writer or just adventurous, I challenge you to do the same.  Write a short story about the last picture you took on your phone.  Link to my story and I'll link to yours on your blog or website.  Any brave participants will be listed below.  

If you are not a writer, I'd be interested in your thoughts on this story?  Did you enjoy it?  Did you realize what I was writing about instantly or did it take some time?  Do you see a moral to the story?  Any feedback is appreciated, just use the comment box.  Have an awesome day!

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