Thursday, April 20, 2017

New Bunk Beds for the Boys

There comes a time in every man's life, who has multiple children, when he must build bunk-beds.  That time came years ago, but now it's here again.  In 2009 I built two sets of bunk-beds for the boys.  They've stood the test of time and I believe will continue to do so.  However, since 2009 we've added 3 more children two of which are boys.  So, we now have 6 boys who need to sleep somewhere.

Poor Daniel (7) has been sleeping on a futon mattress folded over and placed in the bottom of a closet.  Think giant dog mattress.

Add to that the fact that in June we'll be housing 20 children and 8 adults for a week (go ahead and read that again if you need to) and I found the drive to add more beds.

These beds will be very different from the previous design and they'll be designed by dad and built by the boys.  The frame is 40"x 77" with a support in the middle and made with 2x6 lumber.

On the bottom of each frame we've stapled and glued a 1/4" OSB (not Order of Saint Benedict) board.  On the top we'll have 15/16" plywood.  The plywood will be hinged allowing for it to be lifted and revealing two 37x40x6 storage compartments for all the junk these pack-rats collect.

Frames(L) waiting on paint and lids.

Two work crews working round the clock..

Always allow children to paint outdoors, never indoors.

The child on the right was fired shortly after this picture was taken..he doesn't have time for "thumb's up"...

When all of the painting is done, the beds will be carried upstairs to the bedroom.  They will then be attached to the wall and supported by 2x4's that will act as support and ladders.  We'll also be fishing the walls and installing outlets at each bed level for a fan, light, etc., and a shelf.

The room isn't large enough to place 3 bunks one on top of another nor is it long enough to put beds end to end.  We'll be mounting them to the wall staggering them.  It's too difficult for me to describe so you'll just need to wait for the on....

Thursday, April 13, 2017

1st Communion Gift Package Giveaway

We'll be giving away this wonderful 1st Communion Gift Package on Divine Mercy Sunday.  Get details and enter on our homepage.  Look for the little "WIN" logo on the top right of your screen when you get there....Good Luck!

The Package includes:
1) Holy Card

Monday, April 03, 2017

A nice family weekend.

It was a nice weekend this weekend and nice to finally have two days off in a row.  On Saturday I took the two oldest on a hike at The Great Seal State Park near Chillicothe.  It was a group of dads, boys, and Fr. Hahn.  It was the second in a series of hikes designed to prepare us for a Wilderness Outreach trip to California in August.  

We hike a little over 8 miles on a dreary, rainy, Saturday.  Overall it was good hike even if it was a little cold.  

This baby creeped nearly everyone out but we persevered to the end...

Here's a map of our trek.  I think we could have done it faster but it's not always about the speed.  Not sure why not, but it's not ;-).

We went to Confession and Mass after the hike on Saturday evening and then settled in for a movie.  Most of the family watched a movie, I was beat so I went to bed.

On Sunday, we got up and had pancakes, eggs, and our bacon.  Then we headed out to the Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve near Newark, OH.  It's a nice place but crowded.  I think there is a lot more to explore but it's difficult when you have such an age range and skill level.

D climbing a giant root/trunk.

B enjoying the day and a sweet ride.

This narrow passage used to hold a train track that carted milled sand away for glass making.
 Back home there were chores to do.  Even S & B worked hard to get things done before enjoying an evening fire and hotdogs.

 S & B cleaning eggs to sell for Amazing Grasses.

Fire bugs, yes, D is barefoot as usual.

She has a bad cold but didn't want to go inside and miss anything.

B trying to get A to open her water bottle.
Time for bed, let's do it again soon!

Mother's Day Weekend.