Friday, June 02, 2017

Our new CEO

The Young Entrepreneur

In the Fall of 2016 our 2nd son, Christopher, enrolled in the Young Entrepreneur's Academy (YEA!) hosted and sponsored by local businesses.  This 8 month course is designed to help young men and women learn about the world of business.  Each participant is encouraged to come up with a business idea, research what would be needed to start the business, create a business plan, and actually create the business.

After the business is created, each student is required to present their idea to a panel of investors.  These young people put countless hours into their presentation with the help of a professional speaker/presenter.

The investor panel, made up of local business owners, listens to each presentation, asks questions, and when the presentations are finished, meet privately to discuss which businesses merit funding and how much.

Christopher wowed the audience of about 60 people including family, friends, investors, and government representatives.  His presentation was flawless and warranted nearly double his asking amount.

The Business Idea

Christopher wanted to address the fact that so many plastic utensils end up in landfills throughout our country and probably the world.  He wanted to create a spoon that was edible.  Unlike Narayana Peesapaty, he wanted his spoon to be tasty and fun to use.
Bubbly Blueberry

Through his hard work, research, and dedication Yummy Dippers was born.  Yummy Dippers are hard-candy spoons that can be used to eat ice cream, frozen yogurt, regular yogurt, cereal and more.  They also make great beverage stirrers, especially the Carmel in Coffee.

Rogue Raspberry
Peculiarly Perfect Peach

He recently launched his website and Facebook Page for Yummy Dippers.  Yummy Dippers are available in 13 different flavors with more being added each week.

Take a look at what he's offering and consider supporting this budding entrepreneur by getting this fun treat that's sweet to eat, just Dip. Eat. Repeat.

Christopher with State Senator Troy Balderson

*Yummy Dippers is an official business partner of Real Life Rosary.  Contact Real Life Rosary to learn more about their partnership program.

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