Monday, January 12, 2009

A great laugh - for me.

I am doing a little research for an article I am writing and using a school computer until I get a new one. I tried to access The Couple to Couple League website for some information and the school's filtering system blocked my access to the site because of the material being "sex education."

I about fell off my chair considering the battles I am having with "sex education" in the school. Isn't it ironic that you can't access information about NFP on a school computer yet everything else is discussed in the classroom.

Don't explain it to me. I know, I know. I just found it ironic.


Anonymous said...

That's funny! I teach in a Catholic school in Florida and up to a year ago I couldn't access any bible sites for scripture because it was deemed political and religious. It always made me laugh (with frustration)!

I enjoy your insight! Thank you for sharing!


James M. Hahn said...

When I first started working at the parish I found it impossible to do anything for my job because of the filtering system. If I wanted a picture of an Advent wreath for a flyer? Impossible, no images. Finally I asked to be put on the parish server instead.

Thank you for sharing and reading!

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