Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shots (contains brief nudity)

It's the third day of Neupogen shots and I'm still feeling pretty good. I haven't experienced anything out of the ordinary yet. Here are pictures from my shots today. Nicole is my nurse and I trust her, really I do....

I apologize to all who take offense at my big belly. It is usually looking like the typical six-pack abs but I beefed-up for these shots...

You can see the worst part of the shots in the lower right corner - Nicole's COLD hands!!!

I think there's a needle on the end of that syringe...buried deep in fat.

Last one. I get two shots a day in the belly. I chose the belly so my arms wouldn't get sore and I could still make rosaries. Only one more day of shots and the donation will take place on Monday, Tuesday too if they need lots of cells. I'd like to thank my make-up artist for all of her work especially the removal of the belly-button lint for these photos.


scmom (Barbara) said...

I'll remember you at Mass tomorrow. You're a brave soul, James Hahn (Or maybe you cried like a baby, I don't know. Nicole?).

Nicole said...

If I remember correctly, his exact words were, "What? I'm not crying! I have something in my eye". And it was when I touched him with my cold hands, not when he got the injection.


Patience said...

Prayers for a successful procedure.

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