Wednesday, October 29, 2014

You say you want some evolution...

Okay, maybe I'm getting a bit carried away with all these meme generators but hey, it's fun.

When I first saw news this morning about the Pope's comments concerning evolution and the Big Bang theory, I had to laugh.  Again, I find it ironic that living in an age of information, people can be so ignorant.  Do a few Google searches people!!

This is not ground breaking information that the Church believes that evolution and creation can both be true.  St. John Paul II said the same and Pope Pius XII was open to it as well.  In fact, the person who proposed the "Big Bang" theory was a Jesuit Catholic Priest.

I'd love to see more accurate and responsible reporting by journalists as well as better research before spouting off on social media but then I'd have no meme's to create.

Here's a great piece on the craziness!


Anonymous said...

To say science and theology is almost a truism in Catholic theology. The problem is that today "science" is a philosophically-loaded concept. The pope may within his competence say evolution does not negate Christian Faith, but he cannot say macroevolution IS true. That would be stepping outside his competence. See the new massive study by Stephen Meyer, Darwin's Doubt. Amazon has it.

James Hahn said...

Thanks for commenting and for the recommendation. It looks very interesting. Is this your book?

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